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Medical Marijuana Essay Essays

Medical Marijuana Essay Essays Medical Marijuana Essay Essay Medical Marijuana Essay Essay Introduction: â€Å"Cannabis isn’t for everybody. but patients are entitled to pick and take their ain medical specialty. † Michelle Rainey ( VanMusic. 2010. Pg. 1 )Thesis: The prescription drug companies dispense medical specialties that are harmful and that is what I am here to alter your heads about today. This will research what Medical Marijuana can be used for. the prevarications you’ve been told about Marijuana and how corrupt the Pharmaceutical drug companies are. Body: I. Why is Marijuana medical specialty? 1 ) What THC does in our organic structures ( Wikipedia Cannabinoid Receptor. n. d. . Pg. 1 ) * Cannabinoid receptors are activated by 3 major groups of: Ligands. Endocannabinoids ( found in the mammalian organic structure ) and Plant Cannabinoids ( found in THC in workss ) . 2 ) What can Marijuana handle? ( Wikipedia Medical Cannabis. n. d. . Pg. 3 ) * Crones Disease. Glaucoma. Anorexia Nervosa. Huntington’s Disease. Arthritis. Epilepsy. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Distoria. A. I. D. S. . H. I. V. . Menstrual Cramps. Digestive Diseases. Cancer. Alzheimer’s Disease. Appetite Stimulant. Anxiety. P. M. S. . Pruritus. Leukemia. Methicillin- Resistant Disease. Tourette Syndrome. Multiple Syntosis. Multiple Sclerosis. Bi- Polar Disorder. Tics. Insomnia. Psoriasis. Fibromyalgia. Migraines. Hepatitis C. Painkiller. Parkinson’s Disease. Depression. Asthma. Nausea. 3 ) How do you devour it?* Vaporizers* Bongs* Joints* Pipes* Drinking fountains* FoodII. The prevarications around Marijuana usage.4 ) The Gateway Theory ( Harvey B. -The Union. 2007. Documentary )* Harry Anslinger’s â€Å"Stepping Stone Theory†* â€Å"If you step on this rock Marijuana. so you are bound and determined to travel onto the following rock. which would be one of the so called difficult drugs. † * For every 104 Marijuana users. 1 utilizations Cocaine and less than 1 usage Heroin. 5 ) Marijuana Kills Brain Cells ( Harvey B. -The Union. 2007. Documentary ) * The 1947 Dr. Heath/ Tulane Study* Monkeys were administered 30 Columbian strength Marijuana cigarettes mundane for 1 twelvemonth. Brain harm was determined by numbering the encephalon cells of the monkeys that were given the Marijuana and 1s that has non. 6 ) Marijuana will kill you ( Harvey B. -The Union. 2007. Documentary ) * There has neer been one recorded decease that was straight attributed to Marijuana usage. III. How Corrupt is the Pharmaceutical Companies? 7 ) Marinol ( DEAsucks. com. n. d. Pg. 1 ) ( Morrow A. . 2009. Pg. 1 )* THC that has been synthetically reproduced as a prescription drug.* Nauseated or purging people can non get down pills.* Less dose control/ Longer to let go of into system.* Costs $ 600- $ 1000 US per month. 8 ) Pharmaceutical Domination ( Goldacre B. . 2007. Pg. 1 ) ( Mercola. 2010. Pg. 1 ) * In the UK the pharmaceutical trade is the 3rd most profitable activity after finance. * In 2002. 10 US companies on the Fortune 500 list had combined international gross revenues of $ 217 Billion. * GlaxoSmithKline sued the South African authorities for seeking to provide A. I. D. S. victims with low-cost medical specialties. * Johnson A ; Johnson late pleaded guilty to illicitly advancing it’s epilepsy drug Topamax for psychiatric intents. Decision: Now that you know the truth about how corrupt the pharmaceutical companies are. the prevarications you’ve been told about Marijuana and how it can be used medically. Following clip you have an aching or hurting consider smoking a joint before heading out to see the physician. MentionsDEAsucks. com. ( n. d. ) . DEAsucks. com - Medical Marijuana – Myths V Facts.DEAsucks. com - The Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ) sucks! . Retrieved March 7. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //deasucks. com/essays/marimyths. htm Mercola. ( 2010. November 18 ) . The Top 6 Drug Companies – Thugs of the Medical World. Natural Health Articles – Latest and Current Health News and Information by Dr. Mercola. Retrieved March 5. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //articles. mercola. com/sites/articles/archive/2010/11/18/drug-companies-are-ranked-in-the-top-100-corporate-criminals-of-the-1990s. aspx Goldacre. B. ( 2007. August 4 ) . Evil ways of the drug companies | Science | The Guardian. Latest US intelligence. universe intelligence. athletics and remark from the Guardian | guardiannews. com | The Guardian. Retrieved March 5. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. defender. co. uk/science/2007/aug/04/sciencenews Morrow. A. ( 2009. A pril 6 ) . Marinol V Marijuana – Marijuana and Marinol. About Palliative Care – Hospice and Palliative Care. Retrieved March 7. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //dying. about. com/od/symptommanagement/f/marinol_vs_MJ. htm Harvey. B. ( Director ) . ( 2007 ) . The Union – The Business Behind Getting High [ Documentary ] . Canada: Eagle Entertainment. VanMusic. ( 2010. October 21 ) . Pot Activist Dies After A Brave Battle With Cancer. VanMusic. Retrieved March 7. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. vanmusic. ca/news/michelle-rainey-dies-of-cancer Wikipedia. ( n. d. ) . Medical hemp – Wikipedia. the free encyclopaedia. Wikipedia. the free encyclopaedia. Retrieved March 7. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Medical_cannabis Wikipedia. ( n. d. ) . Cannabinoid receptor – Wikipedia. the free encyclopaedia. Wikipedia. the free encyclopaedia. Retrieved March 7. 2012. from hypertext transfer protocol: //en. wi kipedia. org/wiki/Cannabinoid_receptor

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Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Questions - Assignment Example This seemed like a very difficult proposition for my high school and college years. Within the online environment, I could use the strategy of setting small tasks for myself that need to be completed within the allocated time. I can also put deadlines so that my tasks get accomplished in a quick and easy way. I have known a friend who is never able to manage time no matter how hard he tries. The differences that I have noticed in him have included the fact that he is always rushing for things and he usually asserts his own self in a much less manner about things as I do. The result is that he usually ends up being late on most of the occasions. The biggest time management challenge that I face at the moment is of managing deadlines. These deadlines create problems for me since all of them are usually one after the other and thus my mind is always in a loop to solve the anomalies which exist. The strategy that I can make the best use of is taking one deadline at a time and working to full effect towards the completion of the task at hand. This will make me go with the flow and not to rush up things (Sternglass 1997). An active learner is a person who is proactively consistent with his learning endeavors. A passive learner, on the other hand, tries to learn where there is a dire need to study and get acquainted with the different study regimes. I am an active learner since I remain abreast with the changing times. 6-Describe how you usually feel when you take a test-your emotions (positive and negative) and level of confidence. If you usually experience negative emotions when you take a test, describe how youd like to feel instead. Be as specific as you can. I usually feel very good when I test my emotions. I usually experience positive emotions whenever I take a test since I am always ready and willing to take a test. Since I want to achieve the best possible grades, I am always geared to give in my very best and this

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English lit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

English lit - Essay Example inning to break down as common men were able to make fortunes in industry and landowners found it more and more difficult to keep the idyllic life they’d constructed alive. Women, too, were beginning to question their allotted place in society as more and more opportunities opened for them in the urban centers of the country, providing them with a means of supporting themselves and freeing themselves from the yoke of male domination. Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte during this period, is a novel that deals with both class and gender. When Catherine says â€Å"I am Heathcliff† (101), she is making a claim about herself which challenges gender and class positions. Because of his birth status, in which Heathcliff is introduced as â€Å"a dirty, ragged, black-haired child; big enough both to walk and talk; †¦, yet, when it was set on its feet, it only stared round, and repeated over and over again some gibberish, that nobody could understand† (54-55), as well as his upbringing, in which Hindley â€Å"drove him [Heathcliff] from their company to the servants, deprived him of the instructions of the curate, and insisted that he should labour out of doors instead† (64), Heathcliff is seen as base-born as a person can get. He is both an orphan of unknown origin as well as an unlettered oaf untaught in the strict mannerisms of the gentleman class. His status is so low in the social structure that when Isabella determines she is infatuated with him, Edgar considers â€Å"leaving aside the degrad ation of an alliance with a nameless man, and the possible fact that his property, in default of heirs male, might pass into such a one’s power †¦Ã¢â‚¬  (120). By contrast, Catherine is born into an old family, with a highly respected name, making her automatically accepted in the high society of Gimmerton. She is given a decent education until the family, under Hindley, finally drives the curate away through sheer lack of manners and her five week experience in the

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Using ICT in Early Years Education

Using ICT in Early Years Education Unit 6 ICT Development and learning unit 6 Introduction In this unit we will talk about ICT and ways in which it helps to develop the child’s learning. We will also talk about ways which children can be safe guarded during internet uses and ways which families could become involved into ICT in child’s learning. Having ICT in the child’s settings brings good opportunities for the children. The aim of the child care provider is to equip the children with the basic skills that are needed in order to their own learning as throughout the education system over the years. ICT is used into many and all the curriculum at the early stage of learning to use ICT which will help through and apperception of technology from the early age. 6.1 Explain the 7 types of skills that children may develop as a result of using ICT? Language. Increase Confident. Increase Knowledge. Mathematical development. Fine motor skill. Gross motor skill. Creative. Language. Through ICT children have an opportunity to develop language skills also discussion with peer’s, by use of the’ qwerty ‘key board for recognising the simple words like their names and age. Increase Confidence. Working with computers and technology operation that children have a greater senses of confident when they are using new physical skills. This helps them to boost confident when new intellectual skills are used. When using ICT it helps children to curry out deeper level. Now days most children see computer games rather than learning tools ,that’s why if we use task set with the computer children will learn in a fun way and helps them to encourage and explore new learning and building up with their confidence. Increase in world of knowledge. Most and many of daily life are used by computer technology as by television, hand held games consoles, traffic lights and more other things. Children at a early age exposure to computers there are different types of technology that can be used as will of part of life, also helps to get a good job too. Mathematical Development. All children have the chances to use mathematical software, this is now used into many per- school interactive games to support and help out with the mathematical learning .Different types of programmes gives all the children the opportunity to learn shapes and to curry out of different ways of calculations which is in a fun and educational way. Fine motor skills. ICT has many movements ,such as mouse control this helps clicking or selecting shapes on the computer screen or may be clicking and dragging a cursor to select or may high light items of text .Using ICT such as touch screen technology has added fact to fine motor skills development. Also using touch screen device or computers has different movements of fingers to the mouse clicking ,which this helps to gain the types of fine motor skills that can help to develop. Gross motor skills. In many and most child care setting ,where the child may have the access to an interactive white board where they will be able to starch and touch varies parts of the white board and use a large pen to write on the screen. Creative Development. Children have the chances to explore through the use of ICT software programmes. It gives children the opportunities to express themselves creatively by drawing basic pictures, which helps them to drag and drop items onto the screens. This will also give them the chances to use colours and graphics’. The type of program could be used is Microsoft paint program which will help children to expose children to use computer drawing with the access to fined and fatter brush and pain ,colours. A good explanation of the skills that can be developed through using ICT. 6.2 Construct a booklet which can be issued to parents which identifies safety concerns for children using ICT, and how these concerns are being addressed in the child care setting. Safety concerns for children using ICT in child care setting. The key is to ensure that children have access to ICT which offers them opportunities to develop general skills and also extends their specific knowledge of that technology. Given the range of computer hardware and software now available on the educational and toy the range of computer hardware and software now available on the educational and toy market it has become increasingly difficult to make informed choices between them. The DATEC’s publication of guidance material for parents and practitioners is therefore calculated to provide for a pressing community need. It is based on research with Practitioners and researchers in the field. Ensure an educational purpose. Typical educational uses of ICT might be something as simple as the introduction of a pretend mobile telephone to encourage imaginative role play, which children from a very early age will do quite naturally. The educational benefits of imaginative role play are well documented. A favourite computer application with many children, is ‘Make a bug’ from the CD-ROM Millie’s Math House. This can be integrated as part of a more general class project, for example about insects and minibeasts. But any application introduced to children in order to develop understanding and experience of ICT should not just be enjoyable, although this is important. It should be educationally effective too. However entertaining most arcade-type games might seem, they provide little encouragement of creativity or, indeed, any other games might seem, they provide little encouragement of creativity or, indeed, any other worthwhile learning outcome and should therefore be rejected. This is not to suggest that applications should not be fun or used for leisure, only that they should be carefully chosen to have some educational value as well. Many settings and some homes use language and number drill-and-practice programs, but these have very narrow educational aims, such as practising addition or learning colours. Such programs should be used with caution, as they promote a very directive form of teaching, normally with the use of an external reward (a smiling face, a tick or a funny teaching, normally with the use of an external reward (a smiling face, a tick or a funny sound). Over-reliance on this kind of program risks reducing children’s intrinsic Such programs should be used with caution, as they promote a very directive form of Sound). Over-reliance on this kind of program risks reducing children’s intrinsic Teaching, normally with the use of an external reward (a smiling face, a tick or a funny sound). Over-reliance on this kind of program risks reducing children’s intrinsic motivation to learn. In any event there are usually much more interesting ways of learning about these Things (see ‘Ensure the child is in control’, below). Children need a variety of applications which encourage a range of development, including learning about this sound). In any event there are usually much more interesting ways of learning about these. Children need a variety of applications which encourage a range of development. Where the computer use is integrated with other activities and the computer is used Effectively as a tool, for instance in imaginative role play, modelling or painting, children will benefit from greater movement and exercise away from the computer. Use of the computer should not be at the expense of outdoor opportunities and experiences which promote developing essential gross motor skills through running, climbing, jumping, and swinging using wheeled toys. Daily and frequent access to outdoor experiences is essential for all children and their development. Some ICT applications can encourage playing and being outdoors. Metal detectors have already been mentioned. Identifying ICT in the outdoor environment when out walking or using programmable toys outside can help but is no childhood (though it’s always possible for some young children to be taking digital pictures of their friends and them. Involving parents. Research suggests that home–school communication leads to better understanding and more positive attitudes for teachers and parents about each other’s roles. Many studies which have the children all collaborate towards the same goals (Siraj-Blatchford, I. et al. 2002). Schools also report that Children show a more positive attitude towards learning under these circumstances, and are better behaved. Parent involvement is therefore a component of effective schools with merits which merits special consideration. When participation is well planned it can promote higher success in pupils And lead to more successful family environments. Communication between professional educators and parents is crucial in the early years and a more articulated set of aims. Educators and parents is crucial in the early years and a more articulated set of aims Between the home and early years setting can lead to better outcomes for children. But many staff is ill-equipped to know what strategies to adopt to foster better home–school Research shows that there is currently very little knowledge in settings about The children’s ICT experiences at home and that this not an area on which parents are special consideration. When participation is well planned it can promote higher success in pupils Research shows that there is currently very little knowledge in settings about the children’s ICT experiences at home and that this not an area on which parents are special consideration. When participation is well planned it can promote higher success in pupils and lead to more successful family environments. Communication between professional the children’s ICT experiences at home and that this not an area on which parents are. Location of ICT equipment. Placing the computer in a correct and safe place where it should be that the child’s provider can see at all times to make sure that the material is being used safely. When talking about ICT we should remember to use not just computers and laptops .All children should have the access the internet through WI –Fi connection such as iPods, mobile phones. These are and may be needed to keep an eye on all times to make sure children are being safe from the they are using on the computers. Safe search Engines. We should always remember to tab the history on the Brower that is being used by the child care setting .It is important so that we know what the child has been doing for safety corners. 6.3 Identify and describe the various ways in which ICT can be used to support the early years foundation stage curriculum .Reference should be made to the various types of ICT available, not just computers? The different ways in which Early years foundation stage ICT is into the curriculum and also the following early learning goals are; Early years foundation stage which is used into ICT are and the learning goals; Literacy. Communication. Mathematics. Physical development. Literacy Early learning goals Starts to read and understand simple sentences. They are more able to use phonics, uses different words that are used most of the time. Likes to talk to others about what they have read about. ICT Skills that can be used. White board can be used in different ways with the vast programmes that is being used to help children form new words. Computer programmes also helps children with their reading skills. Communication and language. Children start to listen well. They love listening to stories, hear and respond to comments and questions. Many children start to follows rules, ideas and actions. Children also learn to express themselves. ICT skills that can be used. Have a role play in the role play area by setting up computer check in the desk also having a game of visiting a doctor’s surgery. Could use a cordless telephone which will help children to make conversation with each other children. Children could film each other in a role play .Children also can video camera under supervision to create their own film. For computer use children can use images that children to match word to, also print images and text them together. Mathematics. Children start to learn numbers 1 to 20 and place the number and can realize which number is more or one. Uses objects to add and take way and counts backwards finding the correct answer. ICT that can be used. White board to short of different coloured shapes. Shapes can be drawn on the computer. Different types of paint programs are there for use. Also children can walk around the nursery and see the different shapes from everyday objects. Physical development. Most children start to show control of co-ordination with in bigger and smaller movements. Children start to feel more confident .They start to use everything in a correct manner. Children start to understand the importances for good health and diet and talk about ways to keep healthy. ICT skills can be used. Learn how to control a mouse. Learns how to use white board and smaller touch screen device which can be used to help to develop gross motor skills. Starts to take on t as helping in activity such as cookery and may be involved using healthy food. 6.4 Identify the ways in which families can become involved in ICT, including in particular the ways in which the child care setting can promote its use. Parents helping children to use ICT at home is very beneficial and helping children with their learning. As the child care provider who can help on how to use ICT in parents to communicate via email instead of pepper .There is also CCTV monitoring is available for all parent’s to have an access on to secure website which they could watch their child and what they are doing. As for parents there are many different courses that is there to help them learn the knowledge of ICT also how it helps and how to use ICT. There are different kind of programmes that all parents can learn to teach their children such as laminators, digital cameras. They can also help with basic ICT skills that is needed to help to increase their knowledge. Ways in which families could help children with ICT at home. Some studies have looked at the benefits of having access to a computer and/or the Internet at home. à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ · used effectively, ICT can improve children’s achievement. à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ · using ICT at home and at school develops skills for life. à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ · Children with supportive and involved parents and carers do better at school. à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ · Children enjoy using ICT. à ¯Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ · using ICT provides access to a wider and more flexible range of learning Materials. USING ICT AT HOME Obviously access to a computer at home is highly desirable. If the student has access to a computer then they can continue their studies at a time that is convenient to them. Access to the Internet is also extremely helpful since many of the tutorials and materials for ICT are stored electronically and can be downloaded From the school network via the Internet. Nonetheless, for those without access to the Internet, a portable USB memory stick can prove to be a value substitute, allowing the students to easily copy materials in school and take them home. We have been known in many studies in the UK and across the world on ICT’s effect on learning and teaching, and on the importance of having access to computers and/or the internet at home, both for children and parents. How you can help your child at home. ICT is not just about using computer. It is also includes the use of controllable toys , digital cameras and everyday staff such as DVD player ,mobile phone ,Nintendo the list well never end. As a parent or carer you could help your child with things of ICT at home to improve their skills for everyday use. Writing a letter to someone. Sending an email to a friend. Drawing a picture on screen. Using the Internet to research on home work. Using interactive games. Parents that help children with ICT at home it helps in many ways which will help them to improve with their work and skills which will help them to meet their target of work set for them. It will give them the chance to boost their confidantes. Developing this theme of the visual we use our digital cameras to record children’s progress and achievements which we share with parents. Again, how much more enjoyable and informative is a photograph than a tick box! Physical development, creative development and personal and social education especially lend themselves towards being reflected through a visual medium. We use our digital camera to communicate with parents about their children’s experiences, we load them onto the computer and use photos as screen savers and use our touch screen monitor so parents can turn the screen page photographs at a touch. Also there are many other things and ways in which a parent can help their child to learn the way they need to meet their goal that they have too. References Question 1 Open study college folder. Question 2 Light, P Butterworth (1992) context and origination of learning and knowing, Hemel Hempstead; Harvester wheatear online. Question 3 Open study college folder. http;// Question 4 Open study college folder.

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Peerless Laser Processors Questions Essay

Question 1: Describe the business performance of Peerless before the purchase of the state-of-the –art punch presses in 1991 and after that? (2.5 points). Answer: In 1981, the company faced a do or die decision that forced them to use new technology. If the lasers failed, the company would have had nothing to fall back upon. There was no good economic justification available at the time upon which to base the decision. By contrast in 1984 the company had a track record with the technology, had a good feel for the market and its potential growth, and was in a much stronger position financially. Ted can be much more comfortable making this decision because of the reduction in uncertainty. The decision is harder on one way though. When the company had it’s back to the wall, it was clear that something different had to happen and quickly. When the company is in a more comfortable position, the pressure to make a decision is greatly reduced, making it easier to procrastinate. Question 2: What factors made Ted decide to purchase three punch presses in 1991? Were these factors also what Ted considered for buying the 1,200-watt laser cutter? (2.5 pts). Answer: The decision Ted faces now is purchase the 1200-watt laser cutter, with the decision he faced in 1991 when he was considering the three punch presses. There are some potential factors with the new laser: Peerless will be creating products that are unfamiliar to them. Peerless has no way of knowing if the new market will respond as well as the saw blade market did to the anticipated improvements in quality and cycle time coming from the laser. The new product line will require different distribution channels, different marketing techniques, and will draw new and different competition. Peerless may not be able to attract enough business to keep the system productive. The potential benefit is, of course, a new large market to successfully apply Peerless’s laser cutting experience. A significant  strategic variable that Peerless should consider is the long-term viability of the saw blade market. The success of laser cutting (as Peerless has experienced) and other technologies has the potential to reduce the overall market for mechanical cutting devices over the long term. Question 3: Of the three major types of control systems – cybernetic, go/no-go, and postcontrol – which would have been the most useful with the first laser and why? With this new laser and why? (2.5 pts). Answer: The laser itself would use cybernetic systems to control the cutting process. The first implementation project would have benefited most from cybernetic processes as well because of Peerless’s unique position. Since they were in a do or die position, they would not have wanted to kill the project for the conventional reasons. In fact, based on the typical parameters used for go/no-go controls, Peerless would have been justified in killing the first laser project. Instead, because of their dire circumstances, they stuck to their guns and eventually achieved success. The second implementation project would benefit from go/no-go controls because it is being conducted in a much more stable business environment in which where the company could back away from the project if necessary. Question 4: Calculate the variable cost per blade of laser cutting with this new system. Assume that the variable cost of the laser is $4/hour, that the laser custs at the rate of 40 inches per minute, that a typical blade of 14 inches diameter sells for $25, and the same computer and software will be used as currently. Material load time for a 10-blade sheet of steel is one minute. Use a 3-inch arbor hole size and assume that a cut tooth doubles the cut distance. (2.5 pts). Answer: The potential problems might be in purchasing the 1200-watt laser following steps are needed to estimate the payback: 1. Estimate the amount of laser cutting needed using a 14 inches saw blade as a typical product. The blade would have approximately a 44 inches circumference. 2. Based on the cutting speed of 40 inches/minute, the cutting would take 2.4 minutes. Adding time to handle the blade, and maintain the workstation, estimate the total time  at 3 min/blade. 3. Estimates the operating cost of a 1200 watt laser at $ 10/min, making the laser’s portion of the blade cost $ 30/blade, it is not a particularly significant amount for a $25 blade. 4. Estimates the cost of the laser to be about $200,000. Assume an additional $100,000 for computers and training bringing the total to $300,000. 5. If the laser can produce a blade every 3 minutes, than it could produce 160 in eight hours at $25 a unit. Based on Exhibit 1, the current profit margin is 12%, so it’s safe to assume that the single shift daily profit would equate to 160 X $25 X 12% or $480. 6. Given the $300,000 cost of the laser, the single shift payback period would be 625 days or half that amount for a two-shift operation. In addition to the brisk payback, the laser improves quality, cycle time and flexibility in responding to customer demand. The new laser system adds to the high tech image of the company and reinforces the employee’s pride. The original laser system was probably viewed as a threat to jobs when it was first implemented. Now that the company has experience with the benefits of laser cutting, they are in a better position to justify the investment both on non-economic and economic grounds.

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Stephen Crane’s The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky

Upon reading Stephen Crane’s (91) The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky, the initial reaction was surprise. In the climax of the story, there was no gun slinging, no gun shot, and no body dropping on the ground. It seems to be a different kind of Western from those usually read in novels and seen in the movies. Yet, upon a greater examination of the story, it would become clear that Crane is portraying a different kind of Western—one in which he delights his readers and at the same time shows a different face of the men in a western setting (Petry 45).This paper seeks to look at the short story and look at the metaphors that Crane employed as well as Crane’s portrayal of the changing times in the West. This paper will also look at the setting and the time in the story and relate the development of the story to the underlying changes going on in the story. Crane’s short story does not contain the usual elements of the Western story but he artfully uses the genre to delight people and show the changes going on in the community of Yellow Sky. The Story The story is about the efforts of Jack Potter, the marshal of the town in bringing his new wife to Yellow Sky.He went all the way to San Antonio to fetch his wife and transported her via train. Yellow Sky is a frontier town in Texas at a time when the civilization is encroaching upon the environment of the Old West. Crane’s story had the makings of a Western—there was a train, a town in the Old West, the challenges for fights and duels as well as the bar where cowboys gather and drink. By the end of the story, however, Crane does away with the typical idea feature of a Western—the gunfight and seems to proclaim that the end of violent gunfight and duels is at an end.The story has four parts and it shows the interaction of the character with the environment and the society that he has. Surprisingly, the wife of Jack Potter does not have a name. Although she plays an important part in the story, she seems to represent only the role of women in marriage and in raising a man’s family. The first part of the story shows Jack Potter, without naming him, coming from San Antonio with his wife on a train, the â€Å"Great Pullman† traveling throughout Texas. In this section of the story, Crane masterfully shows the lack of orientation of Jack and his wife to the luxury and the elegance of the train.He portrayed them as follows: â€Å"To the minds of the pair, their surroundings reflected the glory of their marriage that morning in San Antonio. This was the environment of their new estate, and the man's face in particular beamed with an elation that made him appear ridiculous to the negro porter. This individual at times surveyed them from afar with an amused and superior grin. † (Crane 92). Clearly, the couple appeared to be simple compared with the luxurious train that they were traveling in that even the negro porter looked at them with disd ain.As the train nears Yellow Sky, Jack Porter becomes anxious and restless. Apparently, he feels guilty over leaving the town without much of an announcement of where he is going and what his purposes in leaving was. There appear to be two possibilities as to the guilt of Jack. One is that marshals of a town may not marry due to the necessities of the job that they have to perform, or that he has gone â€Å"headlong over all the social hedges† (93) by not informing his friends and his family as to his getting married.This also explains why in the story, Jack Porter leads his wife quietly to the place where they will stay. Crane then shows the two adversaries—Scratchy Wilson and Jack Porter through the eyes of the six men and the Eastern drummer at the Gentleman Saloon. As the drummer recounts a story, the door of the Saloon opens with another man saying that Scratchy Wilson is drunk and is looking for his enemy, Jack Porter. This incident builds up the expectation tha t some shooting will occur in the vicinity. Scratchy is further introduced as one of the last member of the gang to hang out in Yellow Sky.Scratchy then appears in the third part of the story and he is portrayed complete with the gun and swaying gait that cowboys have in Western stories. Stories set in the American West have already achieved the level of legend and portrays elements of heroic literature (Cortese 122). Scratchy then begins shooting in the area, which is tantamount to issuing a challenge against anyone who cares for a gunfight. He then walks from the Saloon to Jack Porter’s house and issues a warning and expletives against Jack.The last part of the story is where Scratchy and Jack Porter meet. It is situated near the house of Jack and the wife of the latter is in plain sight of Scratchy. Scratchy then challenges Jack for a gunfight. Jack responds by saying that he has no gun. Scratchy rages against Jack and says â€Å"don’t take me for no kid† (Cr ane 98). He was still expecting Jack to answer his challenge for a gunfight. Jack then talks with Scratchy, saying that he does not really have a gun. Jack Porter then made the admission that he has no gun because he has married.Because of the suddenness of it all, Scratchy could not deal with it and simply walked away and declared that â€Å"it’s all off now† (99). Works Cited Cortese, James. â€Å"Bourgeois Myth and Anti-Myth: The Western Hero of the Fifties,† SubStance, 5. 15 (1976), 122-132. Crane, Stephen. â€Å"Bride Comes to Yellow Sky,† Literature: The Human Experience, 8th edn. Ed. Richard Abcarian and Marvin Klotz. Boston: Bedford, 2002. (91–99). Petry, Alice Hall. â€Å"Crane’s the Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. † The Explicator, 42. 1 (1983) 45-47.

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Political Perspectives On The Political System - 1365 Words

Political perspectives Ch. 2 VS. Dialogical ethics and significant choice Ch. 4 The political system is similar to communication theory in the sense that they both have interdependent rules and ethics that are important to the success of the members participating. Just as there are different compartments to politics, there for communications as well. There are specific values to politics just as there are to communications. Politics implements heavy usage of rhetoric, while a large portion of communications is based on rhetoric, and vice versa. Within the political perspective, there are many different theories. Specifically, I would like to focus on the Four moralities. Founded by Karl Wallace, he singles out four values and beliefs that he feels are essential to functionality of the political system. In simpler terms, the four values include respect, fairness, freedom, and belief. In order for citizens to instill these values, he created the four moralities, which is essentially an ethical guideline. These statements are utilized to promote the four values an d beliefs. First, developing the habit of search. This entails communicating ethically and readily exploring the details and outcomes of any given situation or scenario. This rule focuses on being extremely educated of the subject you are speaking on in any context. You have to be open minded and be able to understand any opposing arguments made. Doing this prepares you for any debates, you are ready to answerShow MoreRelatedOrganizations as political systems: the managerial bias in Critical Perspective2141 Words   |  9 Pages Abstract Number 1 : Organizations as political systems: the managerial bias in Critical Perspective A number of approaches are offered for organizational science to solve the problem regarding organizational gap between theory and practice. The rational model can be considered as a dominant model on organizational science among the others with the purpose of defining organization as instruments for attaining goals instead of dealing with problems .Furthermore, objectives are definedRead MoreWoman and Canadian Politics1714 Words   |  7 PagesPrior to 1921, men were the only members of the Canadian parliamentary system. With the first Canadian women being elected into the Canadian parliament in 1921, women have had the ability to participate and become elected into the House of Commons. Since then, Canadian women’s participation in the House of Commons has substantially increased from 1 female seat holder in 1921 to the present day 64 seats held by women. Although this increase is seemed as substantial, the debate about the underrepresentationRead MorePhilosophy an d Democracy1681 Words   |  7 Pagesperception to political equality (). Dworkin argues for a substantive approach to democratic procedure; in effort to secure an equal distribution of political power to citizens as a whole (9; 117). Dworkin’s consequential approach classifies two types of political decisions: â€Å"choice-sensitive† and â€Å"choice-insensitive† issues (132). Dworkin defines choice-sensitive issues in terms of justice that: â€Å"depends essentially on character and distribution of preferences within the political community† (132)Read More An Analysis of The Dominate Perspectives of International Political Economy1532 Words   |  7 Pages In the world of international political economy, three dominant perspectives have emerged over time. The differences and similarities between the realist/mercantilist, liberalism, and historical structuralism perspectives are significant. In this essay, I will compare and contrast these dominant perspectives. First, I will give a historical account of how each perspective originated. Then I will outline the actors involved in each perspective, explore those actors’ interests, and outline which ofRead MoreMachiavelli And Humanism930 Words   |  4 Pagesbeing deceitful to be wrong, from an amoral perspective, betrayal is unavoidable and comes with its own set of benefits. This is Machiavelli’s view in his 1513 work The Prince, in which he details the complexities of gaining and maintaining political power to his Italian statesman Lorenzo de’ Medici, from whom he hopes to regain a political position after shifts in the unstable Florentine republic. Machiavelli argues that people, particularly political leaders, should have flexible moral codes soRead MoreThere Are Many Theoretical Perspectives Used When Examining1646 Words   |  7 PagesThere are many theoretical perspectives used when examining the international political system. In this paper I will explain two of the most important: liberalism and realism. Though they are both strong theories, liberalism is best when it comes to explaining international politics. Liberalism better examines all of the influence that impact the decisions made within the international system and better represents the emotions and personal agendas of the state. Liberalism can be considered a combinationRead MoreChicago School Of Social Ecology Theory1509 Words   |  7 Pagesexpansions, housing projects, commercial activities, industrialization, community development and urban ecological system. Next, the Berlin School of Urban Ecology also extended the aforementioned theoretical argument when the theorist Herbert Sukopp elaborated on studying the importance of biodiversity patterns, environmental transformations and natural changes in the global ecological system, processes and structures. Therefore, the theorists, academicians, researchers, sociologists and environmentalistsRead MoreParliamenta ry Power And Sources Of Authority1219 Words   |  5 Pagesorganisation or authority, with or without their consent. If we look at history it’s likely to see different kinds of legislative power and sources of authority. In the UK, the current system is liberal democracy, and comparison to other political systems, the UK political system seems to be the most successful and fair state system thus far. Though, of course like in every government and in every state there are errors, disruptions, and misuse of power. In pluralist democracies such as that of the UK, theRead MoreAfrican Perspectives On Colonialism By Adu Boahen1138 Words   |  5 Pages Zaidi 1 Syed Haider Zaidi Andrea Boffa History 108 Section G 4/23/15 â€Å"African Perspectives on Colonialism† is a book written by A. Adu Boahen. This book classifies the African responses to European colonialism in the 19th century. Boahen begins with the status of Africa in the last quarter of the 19th century and follows through the first years of African independenceRead MoreJapanese Politics, By Takashi Inoguchi1508 Words   |  7 PagesInoguchi’s latest publication, Japanese Politics: An Introduction, one of the foremost political scientists in Japan, Takashi Inoguchi thoroughly delves into two decades of Japanese history. The first period 1983-1993, and the second 1994-2004 sandwich the fall of the 1955 political system and era of one party dominance. There is a unique perspective that the author is able to provide due to his tenure as a professor of political science in the Institute of Oriental Culture at the University of Tokyo as well